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Today was Sasuke's least favorite day.

Today was October 10th, the day his best friend would turn 16.

Today was Naruto's 16th birthday.

And Sasuke hated it.

Most people would love having a birthday. It was a special day full of partying and celebration. But, for Naruto, it was the worst day of the year. And that is why Sasuke hated October 10th. October 10th may be Naruto's birthday, but it's also the anniversary of many horrible things.

Exactly 16 years ago, to this day, the Nine-tailed fox demon, Kyuubi, attacked Konoha. In efforts to save his town, the Hokage, Yondaime, sacrificed his life to seal the demon within his son, Naruto, who had just been born. But while giving birth to Naruto, the Hokage's wife died, leaving Naruto as an orphan. The hokage had ment for the town to think of his son as a hero, for becoming the demons vessel. But they did not think of Naruto as a hero, they thought of him as a demon. When Naruto walked through the streets, people would throw things at him, cans, garbage and even weapons. But on the anniversay of his parents' deaths, and the anniversary of the attack on Konoha, they would always try to kill Naruto. They would try to kill Naruto, on his own birthday. Even after Naruto had the fox demon removed and destroyed, they still hated him and would try to kill him. They still thought of Naruto as a demon.

So, October 10th was not a good day for Naruto, is was the worst. This angered Sasuke to no end. You see, Sasuke may not admit to it but he had always liked Naruto. No, he had always loved Naruto. So, having his Kitsune hated so much sent tears full of anger to his eyes. It was the same thing, over and over again. Every year. Sasuke just wanted to kill everyone who ever hurt Naruto. Everyone who ever thought of hurting Naruto. It made him sick to his stomache.

But it's not like he and Sakura never tried to help; try to give him something happy to remember about his birthday. They would always try to cheer Naruto up, try to celebrate with him. But every time he refused to come out of his house, reminding them of what happened on his 13th birthday. Something bad happens every year, but his 13th birthday was just horrid; Naruto had his arm broken by a gang of high schoolers on that day. Unlucky number 13, for sure. Just the thought of that day causes Sasuke to shed tears of grief. Sasuke had been the one who found Naruto, unconscious, in an alley way near his apartment. He had also suffered from many deep cuts and too many bruises. So, this year, he was not coming out. And he was not going anywhere with Sasuke. He hadn't even asked Naruto, Sasuke just *knew he wouldn't. But, being the very stubborn stick-up-my-ass Uchiha that he was, Sasuke would not take no as an answer.

Sasuke had been talking to Neji and Kiba the day before and they said Naruto was not going to be home on his birthday. He had left the previous weekend and had been camping out in the woods ever since. Naruto probably knew Sasuke would try to get him to come out of his house again. So the morning of Naruto's 16th birthday, Sasuke had gotten up extra early. After taking a shower and dressing, he made his way to the woods in search of Naruto. It didn't take long for him to find the sleeping fox, tightly wrapped in his sleeping bag. It had to have been the cutest thing Sasuke had ever seen. Naruto, tightly wrapped in an orange sleeping bag, lips slightly parted, silently breathing in and out. It made Sasuke want to just caress his tanned skin as he slept; to feel his lips against his own. That's when he noticed papers scattered beside the sleeping form. Curious to what was on the papers, Sasuke carefully walked towards Naruto and sat down. He picked up of of the papers and gasped as he read what it said.

"Go back to where you came from, Demon!" It read, </i>"You don't belong here in Konoha! You never did!"</i> It was dated for the previous day, which ment that Naruto had gone to his house at some point. The other notes were similar. Very similar. As he read the notes, Sasuke's eyes filled with rage and he looked down at Naruto, still sleeping beside him. Only then could he see that his face was tear stained. Obviously Naruto had cried himself to sleep. This angered Sasuke even more. Who was given the right to do these things to Naruto? To cause him to cry himself to sleep. Sasuke had never seen Naruto cry. Never. So to cause Naruto to cry himself to sleep; Sasuke crunched the paper he was reading. He couldn't stand it.

"...Sa-..Sasuke...?" A small voice questioned, snapping Sasuke out of his rage. Looking down, Sasuke saw that Naruto was looking up at him, wide-eyed, his beautiful blue eyes shining as the sun rose above the trees. It was a moment that Sasuke wanted to last forever, to stop time and keep like this, forever. The look Naruto gave him was almost too much for the Uchiha to handle.

"W-what are you doing here?" Naruto asked, sitting up and proping himself on his elbows.

"Dobe..." Sasuke looked down at the note. "Who...who sent these?" Glancing over, Naruto noticed the note Sasuke had crunched. The simple shrug Sasuke got from him sent an icy chill up his spine. How could people be so cruel? *heartless?! Something hit Sasuke's heart, hard. His Naruto...his Kitsune, was suffering, again. This thought alone was too much and Sasuke couldn't hold back the single tear that rolled down his cheak, falling onto the note and causing Naruto to snap his head up to look at Sasuke. He couldn't believe his eyes. Sasuke Uchiha, The Sasuke Uchiha was crying. He was crying, right in front of Naruto.

"Sasuke? Are you...? Are you crying?" Naruto asked, slightly leaning towards Sasuke. "Why are you crying, Sasuke?"

Sasuke just simply looked up, staring into two, worried, bright blue orbs, showing that there were many more tears threatening to fall to the ground. This startled Naruto.

Why is Sasuke crying? Was it because of the notes I got? Why does he care so much? Is he The questions stopped swarming Naruto's brain as Sasuke opened his mouth to speak. He could clearly see the tears slowly falling down the Uchiha's face.

"" A few more tears fell from Sasuke's eyes. "H-happy Birthday." He said as calmly as he could, leaning in to capture Naruto's lips in a gentle kiss. He was worried Naruto would pull away and yell, but he didn't. He just sat there, too stunned to do anything. What was Sasuke doing? And why...why did it feel right? Pulling back, Sasuke looked into confused eyes.

"S-Sasuke?" Naruto choked out, confusion sticking to every syllable.

"I-I...Naruto, I love you." Sasuke whispered, pulling Naruto in for another, more passionate, kiss. Naruto's eyes widened, but soon closed, the feeling; it felt just so good. Sasuke mentally sighed as he felt Naruto push into the kiss and wrap his arms loosely around the Uchiha's neck. The two pulled back, gazing into each others eyes, lust floating in the air.

"Sasuke? I..I think I love you, too." Naruto breathed out as he leaned in, capturing the other boy's lips in yet another kiss.

Happy birthday, Naru-chan...Happy birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NARU-CHAN!! *Hands out cookies* :cookie: Well, obviously I wrote this for Naruto's birthday. I hope you like it!

Normal SasuNaru warning's apply....and a crying Sasuke...


Naruto and Sasuke aren't mine...:sad:
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great story btw ^w^
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I Loves it~ ^_^ I write fanfictons to, but this was one of the better ones. ^_^
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AMAZING!!!!! if ANYONE insults the religion of yaoi or shounen ai, i will say it for you. you have a death wish. I LUV THIS STORY!!! XDDD
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SASUNARU - story

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